Faux Fur Blanket Beautiful

May 14th

A fur blanket is a simple sewing project with a view to the lexes. Faux fur available in abundance patterns and styles, some of which looks and feels very realistic, while others in bright colors of imagination. Faux fur blanket can be used as a throw over coach, sleeping blanket or blanket for children. They can be purely decorative or really functional. Comforters can have a coating on the back, a different color or pattern fleece or suede real or fake. Everything that will result in beautiful blankets, reversible.

Enter the full length and width for your quilts. The dimensions of a bed, faux fur blanket, or someone can help you determine the correct measurements for your quilt. Add 1 inch to each measurement for seam allowances to reach cutting measurements. Cut a piece of fleece fabric that is the length and width of your measurements. Cut a piece of material, material support, exactly the same length and width as the first piece.

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You can use more fabric, fur, fake or real Suede, leather, patterned or solid material support for the second part. Color coordination and the type of fabric reversible faux fur blanket. Fleece material spread on the floor, fur side up. The brushes bristle on the outskirts to the center of the ingredients for easier pin. Place material on material support, corresponding to the edges of the fur, the wrong side (the side you don’t want to see it).

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